What are the Best Sensors for Monitoring Elderly Parents Remotely?

The best way to monitor elderly parents remotely is through senior monitoring sensors. In this post, we explore senior monitoring sensors that track a variety of environmental and physical factors and alert family (and caregivers) to potential safety issues quickly.

Best Sensors for monitoring elderly parents remotely:

  1. Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System
  2. Alarm.com Wellness
  3. Tru Sense
  4. Rest Assured
  5. Lorex Elderly Care Solutions
  6. EnvoyAtHome Motion Sensors
  7. Canary Care
  8. Kwido

What do Elderly Monitoring Systems Do?

Elderly monitoring systems are as unique as all seniors and families they serve. Each type of monitoring system comes with its own benefits, drawbacks, and costs. It is up to you to find one that meets your needs.

But despite their differences, most elderly monitoring systems can:

  • Give you access to an app that provides a daily dashboard of activity
  • Information about if your loved one is taking medications as needed, as well as if they miss a dose
  • Alert you if your loved one falls or if they call emergency services
  • Give you a way to communicate with your loved one without using their smartphone
  • Provide you with reports and insight that you can share with their physician

What to Look for in a Elderly Monitoring System?

When your priority is keeping a senior loved one safe, there are particular features you’ll want to consider:

  • Compatibility with smart tech: Smart technology can make many aspects of aging in place easier and home monitoring systems that tap into the smart tech you have can provide more data on how your loved one is living their life and going about their day. If they never turn the lights on outside their own room for a day, for instance, it might alert you that they’re sick in bed and need someone to take care of them.
  • Remote access: For many of these features to be useful, you need a way to see what’s going on from afar. If you can tap into the system remotely to check on how active your loved one has been or to see what they’re up to, then you can stay confident they’re safe and healthy without having to be in the room with them.
  • Monitoring sensors: Some home monitoring products include sensors that help track a person’s movement throughout the home. For loved ones worried about how active seniors are (or aren’t) these help you stay aware of their day-to-day activity, so you know sooner if there’s a problem.
  • Emergency button: An emergency button is normally something a senior would carry on them or wear to serve a similar purpose to fall detection. If anything happens – a fall, an injury, sudden pain – they can easily call for help with it. It’s especially useful for any seniors at risk of heart attack or stroke, where how long it takes to get help makes a huge difference.
  • Fall detection: Anyone that lives alone is at risk of falling and being stuck without help until a friend stops by or someone notices their absence. For seniors, of course, the risk is bigger as falls are more common due to balance issues and do more damage due to weaker bones. A monitoring system that includes a fall detection feature (usually on a wearable part of the product) will ensure your loved one gets help faster if they do fall.

Best Sensors for Monitoring Elderly Parents Remotely

1. Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System

Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System is a sound and thermal monitoring system that provides current and historical data. It doesn’t require human intervention for monitoring, which encourages independence. The system allows the user to request help if needed through voice activation, and it uses artificial intelligence sensors, which provide the closest to human-like ability of monitoring, giving seniors safety, privacy and dignity.

In using heat and sound monitors, the device provides:

  • Body temperature analysis
  • Sleep analysis
  • Danger detection
  • Abnormal behavior detection

Aeyesafe isn’t a wearable device — it’s voice-activated and operates from a distance with a substantial battery and power supply, and it comes with an app that keeps a behavioral history of your loved ones at their residence, providing moment-to-moment records and predictions warning you of potential dangers ahead of time.

For more information, check Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System official website.

2. Alarm.com Wellness

Alarm.com Wellness is a partner to Alarm.com, a home security system. The two systems work together to provide comprehensive insight into the behavior and safety of seniors living on their own. The tracker can alert caregivers of abnormal behavior patterns in addition to monitoring light, temperature, and security settings. The system may be paired with personal emergency response (PERS) pendants.

The tracker provides info on:

  • Activity levels (livingroom motion)
  • Bathroom use (bathroom motion)
  • Eating habits (refrigerator sensor)
  • Medication management (medicine cabinet sensor)
  • Sleep patterns
  • Fires, intruders, or medical emergencies (front door, garage door)

For more information, check Alarm.com Wellness official website.

3. Tru Sense

Tru Sense provides passive monitoring for seniors using a set of connected sensors. The senior monitor system allows you to set alerts, which can monitor your loved one’s sleeping patterns, use of doors in the home, and vehicle activity. All alerts can be sent via text, email, or automated phone calls. It’s also connected to a 24-7 emergency response team in case of an accident or intruder.

Tru sense also detects:

  • Day Started / Not Started: Get an alert when your loved one gets out of bed in the morning, or if they stay in bed longer than usual. This can inform you of any safety issues that might have occurred overnight.
  • Vehicle Out of Area: Create a digital “safety zone”, and receive alerts if your loved one travels outside of a defined border while driving.
  • Door Open Too Long: Know when entry doors have been open for an unusually long time, in case your loved one forgets to close a door or lock up at night.
  • System Health: Be notified when the TruSense sensor batteries are running low.
  • Away From Home: Stay up to date on when your loved one has left home, and keep track of any abrupt changes to their daily routine.
  • Temperature Out of Range: Alert to unsafe temperature changes in the home.
  • Water Leak: Detect if an excessive amount of water leaks into any room susceptible to flooding.
  • Assistance Requested: Be notified when your loved one attempts to contact the TruSense 24-Hour Emergency Response team.

For more information, check Tru Sense official website.

4. Rest Assured

Rest Assured blends wireless monitoring and two-way video chat with specially trained caregivers to help the individuals you care about stay safe while living as independently as possible. Rest Assured offers a full suite of remote monitoring services and solutions to help seniors maintain healthy and safe lives. Family members can access live videos or sensor alerts through a protected portal online. The system can provide remote assistance with medication management and can detect emergencies like falls, fires, and even tornadoes.

The system may include any of the following devices:

  • Pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • Two-way audio video screens
  • Motion detectors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Bed and chair occupancy sensor
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Emergency buttons
  • Glass break sensor

Rest assured also offers the unique service of remote caregivers who can provide periodic wellness checks.

For more information, check Rest Assured official website.

5. Lorex Elderly Care Solutions

Lorex Elderly Care Solutions uses a Wi-Fi security camera system to monitor parents remotely. The camera system includes a microphone and speaker, allowing you to check in and communicate with your loved ones using your smartphone. It’s compatible with smart homes, can be controlled with no hands, and offers around-the-clock monitoring.

Additional features include:

  • Custom motion notifications
  • Full HD recording with digital zooming
  • Infrared night vision
  • Live video playback

For more information, check Lorex Elderly Care Solutions official website.

6. EnvoyAtHome Motion Sensors

A fairly new product and service is the EnvoyAtHome Motion Sensors.  This involves placing motion sensors throughout your senior loved one’s house.  There are no cameras or audio devices.  These sensors are then connected through an app on the caregivers’ phone.

Information is entered into the app about the daily routine of the person being monitored. 

The caregiver then gets alerts on their phone for events such as:

  • if the senior leaves the house
  • comes back into the house
  • spends an extra amount of time in the bathroom
  • what room they are currently in
  • what time they woke up
  • and other times as well

These monitored events are customizable.  The point is that you will be able to “keep alerted” as to where your senior loved one is throughout the day.

For more information, check EnvoyAtHome official website.

7. Canary Care

Caregivers can place the sensors in various locations throughout a loved one’s home to monitor activity. The system relies on mobile data instead of Wi-Fi to send information, so a caregiver can simply log in to the Canary Care portal (or check texts or email) to find out what their loved one is up to.

For more information, check Canary Care official website.

8. Kwido

Kwido Home is a system of non-intrusive sensors for elderly home monitoring system that helps telecare companies to take care of their users. It transforms homes into smart homes that monitor and care for the health of older people.  

Kwido Home: Sensor-based home monitoring system for the elderly. Monitors users’ routines and issues alerts when unusual situations arise.

Kwido Mementia: Digital cognitive stimulation programme designed to combat and detect, even from home, cognitive decline in the elderly.

Kwido Health: Telemedicine module for monitoring health variables. It includes alerts, monitoring for medication intake, as well as facilitating direct connection with family members and/or therapists.

For more information, check Kwido official website.

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