We both came to Canada more than 10 years ago – my partner, from Eastern Europe, and me, from Latin America – and our paths crossed several years later. During these last few years, we have been pretty busy and we’ve been through many life-changing moments: he lost his elderly mother and I lost my elderly father, but before actually loosing our loved ones we like to think that we took good care of them. And that we’ve done our best to contribute to their happiness during their golden years.

We also have a beautiful baby daughter together who just made us value even more our own parents, and see the importance of all loved seniors in our lives (and really, all seniors in general). I guess this is part of the process of getting old… as we get old, we realize that, if we are lucky enough, we will get to celebrate our 65, 80, 100th birthday. And we start hoping that once we get there, there will be people out there thinking about all the possible ways of improving our lives.

The idea of starting this website came from our personal experience of growing up far from our relatives (at least 10.000km away for each of us!), only visiting them from time to time, trying to help them through illness, pain and any other kind of discomfort, or simply trying to make them smile, as much as we can in distance. Since we are so far away from them, we’ve been trying our best to compensate for our absence somehow. And by compensating we mean that we’ve been trying to give them the best tips for living a better life, mainly finding out about the latest trends on gadgets for them to use that could make their lives easier and more comfortable, and ultimately, make them happier.

We both love our careers – he is a “computer guy”, a Senior Consultant in the IT field, and me, I am a Senior Research Analyst in Urban Studies/Social Sciences which pretty much means I analyze any kind of issue happening in our society – and we often use our expertise Technology+Social Sciences/Social Sciences, to keep learning about what comes next, what kind of new device could be (or could have been) beneficial to them, what are the devices that are realistically simple to use and have a good value on the market. These discoveries are what we share with you on this website.

This website is dedicated to our parents. But it’s also dedicated to all the seniors that can benefit from the new technology even though not being a tech-savvy.

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