Do Seniors Need a Foot Spa?

Aging takes a toll on the feet. Years of walking, working, and healing from injuries, in addition to all this, over time, feet flatten and become wider. The fatty padding naturally wears down leaving the bones and joints of the feet more exposed to wear and tear. Besides, skin breaks, sprains, neuropathy, ingrown toenails, and injuries like fractures could be the first domino to fall and lead to a cascade of health conditions that could seriously affect seniors’ health and well-being. Furthermore, an injury as simple as a bad blister can impair mobility, balance, and overall function in older adults.

Needless to say that it’s really important for seniors to take a good care of their feet. If improperly cared for, the muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves of the feet — along with the 26 bones and 33 joints on each foot — invite a host of problems. All kinds of foot pain are the most common: it is estimated that 75% of Americans experience foot pain in their lives. But not caring for their feet can also contribute to seniors’ risk of falling, which can have serious consequences.

Fortunately, there are many gadgets and things you can do yourself at home, to keep aging feet healthy and reduce the risk of health issues indirectly caused by foot problems. One of those is to get a Foot Spa.

Do Seniors Need a Foot Spa? A foot spa can improve circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension, and often ease all sorts of pain. It can also give seniors a chance to check out their feet so they can get a jump on treating blisters, bunions, corns, and toenail problems. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like a warm, rejuvenating foot bath after a long day!

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What are the Benefits of Foot Spa for Seniors?

1. Relieves Stress

Foot spa and massage stimulates the solar plexus reflex, which aids in allowing seniors’ body to manage stress and keep them grounded at the same time. When we are tense, our blood tightens up to which is what leads to the body pain we experience. Foot spas will release that tension throughout ourselves and lead us to a much more relaxing state.

2. Reduces Depression and Anxiety

A foot spa can help release some of the bottled up negative emotions that people carry throughout the day. Much of the stress that we have is encased in the neurological portion of our body, which we now know is relieved by tending to pressure points on the feet. That being said, a foot spa will help relieve some of those negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to depression and anxiety.

3. Improves Circulation

Not only that having a foot spa can keep seniors’ feet clean, the massage also helps in improving blood circulation. When your blood is unable to move smoothly, toxins remain in your body, which impacts its ability to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells necessary for growth, and trigger diseases. With the help of foot massage, stress is reduced as toxins and waste products are eliminated once blood circulation improves.

Your body will thank you long-term as well for the increased blood flow.

4. Boosts Energy

The rubbing and pressing of the feet and toes no only promotes proper circulation of blood but also energy. So getting a foot spa can also boost seniors’ energy afterwards.

When nerve endings and pathways are blocked, you may be prone to fatigue and lethargy since energy is held back from flowing smoothly throughout your body. Foot spa addresses this issue, and the principles of reflexology releases energy blockages that facilitate a sense of well-being without the use of unnatural techniques.

5. Cures Headaches (and migraine, acidity, joint pain and indigestion)

Aside from foot pain, seniors very often suffer from headaches and migraines, ac acidity, joint pain and indigestion. With just about the entire body being sore, it can be difficult to try and tend to every part of you. Luckily, foot treatment serves as a all-in-one.

With something called foot reflexology, you can actually relieve yourself of an specific pain by simply massaging your feet. Keying in on specific acupressure points will improve blood circulation and stimulate the neurological part of your body. What’s even better is that therapists can actually relieve specific pain in your head via a corresponding part of your feet. Therefore, massaging the feet stimulates points that helps to cure headaches, migraine, acidity, joint pain and indigestion. This holistic practice has been around for centuries and is a great way to relieve many parts of the body at once.

6. Helps in cases of Insomnia

One of the more annoying things to deal with in life is insomnia. Whether it’s caused by stress, anxiety or anything else, losing sleep is never ideal. And many seniors tend to have trouble sleeping.

With a good foot spa, the body will become more relaxed and at ease. And this more relaxed state will help you to fall asleep easier.

7. Benefits Arthritis Problem

Dealing with arthritis can become a nuisance in daily life. Your joints and muscles are sore and always ache, and sometimes it can be difficult to even find the energy to try and fix it. Fortunately, foot spas are one answer to this problem. A foot spa will get rid of the tension in the muscles and joints, decrease joint inflammation and relax the muscles all throughout your body, not just the feet. As a result, this can be used to treat arthritis pain anywhere you have it.

8. Helps Dealing With Flat Feet

Having flat feet can lead to severe pain even after the smallest form of physical activity or movement. And as we get old, this condition can become almost unbearable after a while.

So, treating yourself to a foot spa can help reduce that pain. Furthermore, even just a daily foot massage will help alleviate the stress your feet are carrying and will reduce the likelihood of plantar fasciitis (another common issue in seniors’ feet).

9. Minimizes Edema

Edema is swelling in the feet or ankles that is caused by fluid retention. An easy solution is to treat your feet with a spa or massage. This will help out both physically and mentally as the swelling reduces and the stress from said pain starts to disappear.

10. Prevents Long-Term Injuries

Many of these benefits provide short-term solutions to certain issues, but what about something more long-term? Foot spas are certainly useful with that as well. The more you care for and treat your feet, the healthier and stronger they will be. With improved muscle and joint strength comes the decreased likelihood that you suffer from long-term feet or ankle injuries. It’s of course still possible that you roll an ankle or something like that, but chronic issues that come with aging can become less likely.

Best Foot Spa for Seniors

We’ve gathered some amazing foot spas, each can quickly become seniors’ best friend and favorite daily beauty and health care habit.

1. 5 in 1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager (with Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt)

Check this item on Amazon.

The 5 in 1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt can be used to provide a deep massage to seniors’ feet, which can consequently help seniors avoid common foot problems, deal with cracked heels, alleviate stress, induce deep sleep, improve metabolism, and so on.

It features:

  • Water temperature 35-48℃ (95°F~118°F)
  • Speed heating
  • Heat preservation
  • 14 massage rollers dotted with acu-nodes based on sole reflexology (You can adjust the intensity of the rollers, and even remove them as per your preference)
  • Vibration and bubbles features (Combined with hot water, the vibrating action of this machine will help in bringing down your stress and anxiety levels significantly. The bubbles provide a professional jacuzzi-like addition to your pedicure session)

Seniors also get Foot Soak Salts along with the foot spa machine. These salts include the richness and goodness of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, camphor oil and Epsom salt. The combination of the warm water in the container and the goodness of the foot soak is therapeutic and can help seniors relax better. The foot soak can also prevent common seniors’ foot problems in the long run.

This foot spa bath massager has a number of features that make it absolutely safe for seniors to use. It is powered by 5000W, and has an overheat protection function as well.  

2. 6 in 1 FOOT CURE Foot Spa Massager Basin

The 6 in 1 FOOT CURE Foot Spa Massager Basin can also be a great help for seniors. Whether seniors are suffering from swollen and sore feet, plantar fasciitis, dry skin, hard calluses and cracked heels, or just want to kick back and relax after a long day, this Foot Spa Massager Basin will help them take care of their feet and pamper yourself the way they deserve.

It features:

  • 3 automatic roller massage modes
  • Water temperature 35-48℃ (95°F~118°F)
  • Speed heating
  • Heat preservation
  • 2 water jets
  • 4 massage rollers
  • Oxygen bubble massage

Seniors can even add their favorite essential oils, Epsom salts, or foot soak solution.

Moreover, this heated foot massager basin is compact, has no-slip handles, a drain pipe for easy water draining, timer and overheat protection functions. What’s more, this foot soak tub is stylish and elegant-looking so there is no need to keep it hidden somewhere.

Check this item on Amazon.

3. Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager

The multifunction Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager comforts achy heels, toes, arches & ankles; ideal for athletes & people who work on their feet. The sole has a lot of acupuncture point firmly related to different organ. And massaging the right spot can improve the organ’s performance substantially. kidney – stay energized, Liver – a better filtration system and good night sleep.

Fully automatic motorized roller massaging your feet acupuncture point. Combine acupressure, shiatsu, heating therapy, oxygen bubbles and frequency conversion in one unit to enhance blood circulation, relieves fatigue, improve metabolism, and all of features can be controlled independently to customize foot spa experiences that meet your personalized needs. Extra compartment to put sea salt or herb

It features:

  • Bubbles jets
  • Sole Scraping, side scraping, automatic Shistsu Roller, Infrared Disinfector, Medicine Box
  • Water temperature 35-48℃ (95°F~118°F)
  • Speed heating
  • Heat preservation
  • Oxygen bubble massage

Heat can not only enhance therapeutic effect, but also help with swelling, throbbing, redness. PTC Heater with more secure multi-insulation protection. Double overheating protection. Adding red light to relieve muscle tension and sooth feet.

It also comes with a drainage tube (super convenient to empty the tank ) and 4 moving wheels for easy moving. Sturdy design operates quietly.

You can save more than 30% energy than usual model. There is 3 power setting for your selection, 300W,400W,500W (when you need fast heating, select the high power one, when you are using it and want it to remain a certain temperature, select a low one).

Check this item on Amazon.

4. Conair Foot Pedicure Spa

The Conair Foot Pedicure Spa is a best seller, offering a simpler foot spa but still very functional and for a good price. It includes 3 pedicure attachments for a separate massager in the middle with its own vibration; single large node, double large node, and pinpoint node.

This foot bath features 2 bubble strips, 3 attachments and nodes on the splashguard and base for extra massage action; Nonslip feet keep it in place for a soothing spa quality experience

Foot Spa will maintain temperature of water placed into basin for an estimated 10 minutes of relaxation.

Check this item on Amazon.

5. HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

The HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa is also considered a “good value” item. It features massage water jets and raised nodes that work to revive your feet by gently massaging and soothing seniors’ tired, overworked feet. It also includes a callus removing stone.

This foot spa was designed with an integrated splash guard that helps prevent splashing and spills. This makes it easy to carry the foot spa without worrying about spilling the water. Besides, the foot spa was designed with a convenient toe-touch control that allows seniors to turn it on and off without getting their hands wet.

Check this item on Amazon.

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