Great Smart Gadgets for Seniors with Memory Loss

Whether you’re regularly struggling to remember all sorts of things, or just need a bit of help occasionally, there are many helpful (and creative) aids to help you live with memory loss. These devices can definitely come in handy and make a huge improvement in your daily life.

We made a list with a few of them to inspire you. Maybe you will find exactly what you need in here!

Smart Gadgets for Seniors with Memory Loss

1. American Lifetime

Seniors with Memory Loss can surely benefit from a device to help them keep on track with the date, day of the week and time. This facilitates orientation and helps with making and keeping appointments or activities.

The day clock by American Lifetime clearly spells out the time, period of the day, full day of the week, month and date in large, clear letters with absolutely no confusing abbreviations. This unique resolution digital alarm clock is the only one of its kind to include a set of multi-function alarms. You can set up to 5 daily alarms, with the option of reminders to take medications throughout the day. This day clock also has battery back up a in case of a power outage, it automatically resets to the correct time and date when the power returns.

This amazing Amazon Choice product costs less than $50.

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2. iGuerburn Simple Music MP3 Player

Music is a powerful thing for seniors with memory loss. Research suggests that listening to (or singing) songs can provide emotional and behavioral benefits for people with many types of dementia and memory loss. Musical memories are often preserved in Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, because key brain areas linked to musical memory are relatively undamaged by the disease.

The iGuerburn Simple MP3 Player is uniquely designed to ease the challenges of Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia and bring positive experiences into the lives of older adults.

This easy-to-use MP3 Player is the perfect size, not small, not large, perfect for a tabletop radio esque look. To use it, all you have to do is plug in USB cable, take off or put items on MP3, press large ON / OFF buttons to Play / Stop. This simple music Retro Boombox has capacity of 16GB, which is nearly 3000 songs or audio books, you can download songs from CD, also as one sound speaker.

This item costs around $120.

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3. SMPL One-Touch Music & Radio Center

As mentioned before, healthcare professionals have shown that music can improve awareness, clarity of expression and memory focus.

This familiar retro look SMPL One-Touch Music & Radio Center features 8GB USB stick with 75 nostalgic hits included. You can easily add all of your own music or audio books. Or listen to one of 10 programmable radio stations.

The radio is very simple to operate. It has an One-Touch large power button, large switch for Radio and recorded Music.

This item costs approximately $150.

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4.Talking Photo Album

Pictures can trigger a buried memory and recall a precise moment in time much more rapidly than words. So watching old photos can make an awesome activity for seniors with memory loss. This particular album can have memories of the pictures recorded on each page.

With the Deluxe Talking Photo Album you can create your own talking memory books and projects and bring your memories back to life by adding a new dimension to your photographs. It is also an useful way of displaying family photos to reminisce and play daily reminders.With this album, you can record a separate voice message on each page using the built-in microphone. It’s over 2 hours total recording time across the 20 pages, example 6 minutes per page. And you can re-record as many times as you wish. Each of the 20 pages will hold a single 5×7 inch photo in a clear pocket, (125x175mm). Each page has an individual Play/Pause button. The album also features a built-in speaker with volume control and an earphone socket for personal listening. Internal flash memory will save and store your recordings. And it includes Lock switch to protect your precious recordings. The built-in USB socket will enable you transfer your voice recordings to your computer. You can also transfer audio files from your computer to each page in the album.

This awesome Amazon Choice product costs around $50.

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5. Future Call FC-1007 Picture Care Phone

Seniors with memory loss may benefit from an easy-to-use and very straight forward phone, with which they won’t need to remember numbers, just pressing the photo of the person they want to reach. That simple.

The Future Call FC-1007 Picture Care Phone is basically a phone with space for pictures that can be placed on each button. It’s very easy to use. It features a ringer that can be switched with Hi/Lo/Off and bright LED lights for incoming calls. 10 Two-touch or 10 one-touch memory keys and a red 911 emergency key.

This is another great Amazon Choice product that costs around $40.

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6. Tile Pro

Pro is a high-performance finder, with 400 ft. range, ideal for keys, cell phones, luggage or any other items you want to keep track of. The easy-to-use finder and free app work with iOS and Android.

This super useful Amazon Choice item costs around $30.

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7. Echo Frames

Echo products – and any other product compatible with Alexa – can make a huge difference in people’s lives, especially in seniors with memory loss. To learn more about Alexa and memory loss, check our post, “How can Alexa Help Seniors With Memory Loss?”

But what makes the echo frame special is that you can actually use them all day long and everywhere. They are lightweight, splash-resistant, and compatible with most prescription lenses.

With the echo frames you can just ask Alexa anything: Make calls, set reminders, add to your to-do lists, get the news, listen to podcasts, or control your smart home from anywhere.

It is designed to protect your privacy. The microphones are designed to respond to the voice of the person wearing the frames and turn off with the double-press of a button. And the Echo Frames direct sound to your ears while minimizing what others can hear. Plus, they can adjust volume based on the noise level of your environment.

Supports access to Google Assistant and Siri from a compatible device.

The Echo Frame can work for over 2 hours of talk time, Alexa interactions, and media playback over a 14-hour day. Or, up to 4 hours of nonstop listening on a full charge.

This new Amazon choice item is being offered for more or less $250.

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