14 Must-have (and Easy-to-Use) Smart Home Gadgets for Seniors

Smart Home Gadgets:

Imagine having someone (or in this case, something) to help you out with your daily chores? every day, 24/7? Sound good huh!? This list includes some of the coolest and, what is even more important, easy-to-use smart home gadgets to facilitate your life. In this list we created today we’ve included some things that you might have seen before. But we have also tried our best to find the most unique and outstanding products on the market.

Keep your home, garden, and backyard smart with these cool products and start scrolling!

This air purifier will make sure you breathe the cleanest air possible. It removes allergens, dust, and pollutants from the air taking care of the unpleasant odors at the same time.

Additionally, it can also act as an air cooler or heater with a push of a button.

You can get the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier on Amazon today!

2. To monitor the air: Wi-Fi Air and Environment Monitor

Keep your loved ones safe by ensuring the safety of the air they breathe. This minimalistic monitor keeps track of the temperature, humidity, and carbon monoxide levels in the room.

It can send notifications to your phone via Wi-Fi or light up in various colors to let you know of sudden shifts in the environment. This is one of those smart home products that can be most beneficial to parents or pet owners.

Get the Temtop M10i WiFi Air Quality Monitor Indoor Detector on Amazon today.

3. For security: Smart Home Intercom System

This smart home technology system allows you to instantly connect with your family members both at home with you and away.

This system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and is extremely easy to use even for your older relatives. You can also make intercom calls to let your kids know that the dinner is ready and spare your throat some trouble.

Get the SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System on Amazon today.

4. For extra security: Wired Indoor Camera for Home Security

If you’re looking for assembling one of the best home automation systems you should start with this security camera.

Nest security camera monitors your indoors at a wide 130° angle view, 24/7. It can send you alerts when something out of the ordinary happens and records footage in a 1080p quality.

You can also talk through the camera to the residents of the room as well as listen what is happening there. The best part is, it is extremely easy to set up which makes it a great starting point in turning your home smart.

You can get the Nest Indoor Security Camera on Amazon right now.

 5. Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell

Smart Lock fingerprint door lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.3 seconds and unlocks your door in 1 second—it’s faster than fumbling for your keys.

With its all-new Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control Smart Lock from absolutely anywhere via the eufy Security app.

Get the eufy Security Smart Lock on Amazon now.

6. To keep you smart devices all accessible in one place: Brilliant Smart Home Control

A great smart home control can turn any surface it is attached to into a touch-based interface to control your home technology.

You can assign different tapping and knocking patterns to different actions, for example, two taps turn on the TV, three knocks find your phone.

You can even attach it to your door when you’re planning on spending some time in the backyard. This way if someone comes to the front door and knocks, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

Get this amazing smart home control to your place from Amazon right now.

7. To push any button for you: Smart Remote Button Pusher

This small smartphone-operated robot can push any button for you. For example, by putting it over the coffee machine ‘on’ button, you can get your morning coffee made while you prepare for the day ahead.

It can work with virtually any push-in button or touch screen and runs on a low-power Bluetooth connection. This little guy looks like a cool first step to complete smart home automation.

You can get the SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher on Amazon now.

8. To open and close the curtains for you: Curtain Smart Electric Motor

What if you had extra help to open and close the curtains for you? With this simple gadget, you can make your curtains smart in seconds without any screws, nuts, or bolts. Please be aware that no support for the square rods.

You can even set the timer to close at night and open by Light Sensor, get better sleep and wake naturally to sunshine. Light sensors help save energy by reducing the workload on air-conditioning and heating.

Get the SwitchBot Curtain Smart Electric Motor on Amazon today.

9. Smart Mirror Personal Assistant

How about turning your mirror into one of the smart home products as well? This smart mirror is equipped with advanced facial gesture recognition technology and turns on by simply ‘seeing’ you stand in front of it.

Some of these smart mirrors can even notify you about weather, traffic, emails and planned events in your calendar. Additionally, it can recognize different users and tailor the displayed information to their needs. They can even activate selfie mode if you wink at it!

Get the HiMirror Mini Premium on Amazon today!

10. So you never forget watering the plants again: Garden Watering Timer

This is one of the best smart home products for people who want to keep a tight schedule on their garden irrigation system. You can connect up to 4 hoses to one faucet and set the timer on each one of them.

All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or PC. This device can run multiple watering cycles throughout the day and can also detect moisture level of the soil.

Get the LinkTap G2S Wireless Water Timer & Gateway & Flow Meter on Amazon today.

11. To mow your lawn: Robotic Lawn Mower

The beauty of home automation technology gives you the opportunity to forego the most challenging and unpleasant chores. One of such chores is mowing the lawn.

This robotic lawn mower can take care of the overgrown grass for you while sporting the looks of a supercar. It can make decisions of mowing based on the weather, pay special attention to problematic areas, and is equipped with an anti-theft PIN lock

Get this Robotic Lawn Mower on Amazon right now.

12. To clean the floor: touchless Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky. This might prevent you front pulling it out every time something lands on your floor. But the dustpan is not always capable of taking care of the mess either.

This is where this touchless vacuum comes in. All you need to do sweep the dust and debris in the direction of this vacuum. Its built-in motion sensors will bring it to life and it will suck in everything leaving your floor clean and shiny.

Get the Coredy L900X Robot Vacuum on Amazon today.

13. To mop the floor for extra cleaning: Robot Floor Mop

This is another one of those smart home products that can rid you of unpleasant cleaning chores. If you absolutely despise mopping the floors every other day, this robotic mop will do it for you.

All you need to do is pour some water into it and choose the cleaning pad appropriate for your floors. This Roomba mop can cover up to 100 square feet in just an hour and make your floors sparkle with new intensity.

You can get the iRobot Braava on Amazon now.

14. To clean windows: A Roomba For Windows

You’ve probably heard of a robotic vacuum cleaner, otherwise known as a Roomba. We’ve also mentioned a robotic mop earlier on the list.

Now, it is time for a compact robot that is capable of cleaning your windows, shower walls, and even tiled walls.

This Roomba for windows is equipped with a high-tech suction fan to stay on the windows and do the most tedious job for you.

You can get the Ecovacs Winbot on Amazon right now.

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