Want to Age in Place? Useful Supports for Seniors!

So you want to stay at home to age in place but not sure if you are able to make it?  With great technology geared towards seniors at home, they can remain as independent as they wish as their age. They can get almost any type of help you want in their home.

What are the useful supports for seniors who want to age in place? With technology being so spread out seniors can find a number of services that fill in any gaps in their need. From hire someone to help with basic personal care, do their grocery shopping, clean their house, and walk their dog to pay bills online or set up reminds for their medicine intake.

These are all daily tasks seniors may need help with when they aging at home. Learn about home care services that can help you maintain your independence and stay at home for longer.

Home Care Services and Other Supports that Can Help Seniors to Age in Place

While it may be hard to accept, most of us will require some type of care assistance after the age of 65. You may be used to handling everything yourself, dividing up duties with your spouse, or relying on family members for minor help around the home. But as you get older and your circumstances change, getting around and taking care of yourself can become more and more difficult. If the idea of moving to a retirement community, assisted living facility, or nursing home doesn’t appeal, home care services may be able to help keep you living in your own home for longer.

1. Personal care

If bathing, washing their hair, or dressing getting is harder to do, seniors could hire a trained aide for a short time each day.

There are also many dressing aid devices that are pretty useful to get. Find out more about them in our post “Unbelievable (cheap) Dressing Aids for Seniors”.

Moreover, there are some very interesting gadgets for the bathroom that can help seniors being independent and continue living alone. Check our post, “25 Best Bathroom Gadgets for Seniors in 2021”.

2. Household chores

If they need help with chores like housecleaning yard work, or laundry there are some services available to make seniors lives easier. There are cleaning and yard services they can hire, or maybe someone they know has a housekeeper or gardener to suggest. Some housekeepers will help with laundry. Some drycleaners will even pick up and deliver their clothes.

And if you want adventure yourself, there surely are very user-friendly cleaning gadgets that can help you with these chores. Check our post “15 Easy Cleaning Gadgets for Seniors in 2021”.

3. Running errands

Everyone needs to go for grocery shopping but fortunately nowadays some grocery stores will take their order over the phone and bring the items to their home.

And not only groceries stores, countless other businesses have adopted additional convenience features like delivery and curb-side services. In some cases, these services can facilitate shopping and even make leaving the house entirely unnecessary. This is great for seniors who tire easily, have limited mobility or no longer drive.

Amazon is by far my favorite all-in-one store. I actually get most of my purshase from them.

4. Driving

Seniors may not be able to drive anymore, so they can now easily coordinate Uber or Lyft to bring them anywhere.

Important note: There are several options for this service as well, including public transportation, taxis, ridesharing services, etc.

5. Meal preparation

Seniors might not be eating enough nutritious meals or they can get tired of eating alone. Sometimes they could share cooking with a friend. Also, eating out sometimes may give them a chance to visit with others.

There are also meal delivery programs that bring hot meals into their home; some of these programs are free or low-cost. I personally use Uber Eats, iFood, and Rappi on a weekly basis.

6. Money management

If they worry about paying bills late, seniors can have reminders on their phone and they could pay their bills online. They don’t need to be tech savvy to do it. All they need to do is to check with their bank about this option. Some people have regular bills, like utilities and rent or mortgage, paid automatically from their checking account.

Also, there are some interesting apps seniors can get into their phones that can help them out with their finances as well. Check our post “10 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps for Seniors”.

Important note: Seniors must be very careful to avoid money scams. They never should give their Social Security number, bank or credit card numbers, or other sensitive information to someone on the phone (unless you placed the call) or in response to an email. And they always check all bills, including utility bills, for charges they do not recognize.

7. Medication management

Seniors have trouble remembering taking their medicine. There are devices available to remind them when it is time for their next dose. Special pill boxes also allow them to set out your pills for an entire week.

Check our post “How technology can help seniors to manage their medication”.

8. Health care

There are many home care services related to health, such as monitoring heart rate and blood pressure, caring for wounds from injury or surgery, managing IVs and catheters, providing physical and cognitive therapies, educating patients and caregivers, to quote a few.

If you want to learn more about some interesting Health care devices, check our post “10 Wearable Health Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life”.

9. Companionship

Companion care is primarily emotional support and companionship for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home. The goal of companion care as a service is to: provide emotional support, improve the quality of life of the senior and provide companionship for the senior.

10. Staying connected

Seniors, like everyone else, need to stay connected and the easiest way to do it is to get a Pre-Paid and Pre-Programmed Phone. There are a lot of choices for an inexpensive phone and pre-program essential phone numbers with simple, easy-to-understand labels.

Also, seniors can always adapt to modern times and get to learn about social media. Check our post “Why is Social Media Use So Important for Seniors?”

11. Day programs

Day programs or adult daycare can help you keep busy with activities and socialization during the day, while providing a break for your caregivers. Some daycare programs are primarily social, while others provide limited health services or specialize in disorders such as early stage Alzheimer’s.

12. Home modification

If your mobility is becoming limited, home modifications can go a long way towards keeping your existing residence comfortable and accessible. Modifications can include things such as grab bars in the shower, ramps to avoid or minimize the use of stairs, or even installing a new bathroom on the ground floor.

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