Great Brain Training Apps to Boost Memory for Seniors

Sometimes, senior citizens experience cognitive decline and dementia. It’s been proven scientifically that the brain can respond to adjustments in a process called “neuroplasticity”. The brain then adapts while its neural connections are strengthened in a way that increases or maintains cognitive functioning. Studies have shown that brain training exercises reduce the risk of dementia by about 30%. These exercises are effective in older adults having or without cognitive impairments.       

There is a variety of brain training apps whose use helps to improve memory while challenging the effects of aging. The world impacts a lot of pressure on people to perform, and this kind of stress also affects a person’s well-being. Thanks to these mobile apps, the elderly can use mobile devices to relieve the mind of stressful occurrences, while at the same time, subject it to brain exercises that ultimately help boost their memory.      

Here are the best brain training apps to boost memory for seniors:

  1. Elevate Brain Training    
  2. Left vs Right Brain Games
  3. Fit Brain Trainer
  4. Memorado Brain Training Games
  5. Lumosity Brain Trainer
  6. CogniFit Brain Fitness
  7. Peak
  8. MindGames
  9. Eidetic
  10. Brain Training

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10 Best Apps to Boost Memory for Seniors in 2021

Here are 10 apps that are not only entertaining but also help to keep balanced mental health. 

1. Elevate Brain Training (Android/iOS)    

Elevate is a brain training app that enables one to improve different aspects of the brain including focus, speed, and memory. This is one of the most effective tools for those aiming to enhance cognitive functioning. With this app, brain training is made fun with different games which, when played, improve a variety of mental skills.       

This brain training program is personalized, and also tracks the user’s performance, so one can understand how they were able to improve over a certain period. The user receives three daily challenges personalized to their performance. The targeted skill groups include speaking, writing, reading, listening and math.

The games on this intuitive app change in difficulty, constantly challenging the player to make sure they are always efficiently learning. This way, the app is able to maximize brain training results by pushing the user to new limits on a daily basis.   

Get Elevate Brain Training for Android or iOS

2. Left vs Right Brain Games (Android/iOS)    

This app targets at exercising the users’ brain on the go by testing their adaptability, awareness, reasoning, reflex, patience, and precision. This is done through 49 games in total categorized into 6. This game helps both those who have busy work schedules as well as retirees and the elderly to become more alert. By challenging their mind, the seniors using this app can improve their mental abilities.       

Keeping the mind sharp through the use of this app helps even people at higher risks of dementia, such as elders in families with Alzheimer’s. The levels increase in difficulty and allow one to think some more. This kind of expanding the capacity of one’s thought process is what makes this app great for seniors.

Even of more convenience to the senior users is the support group, who are ready to quickly support anyone having difficulties with the app. As one increases in their skill, the app adds more challenges. This keeps it fun and gratifying while meeting the goal to improve memory functioning.       

Similar to Elevate, one enjoys the learning process through plating games as it does not feel like a tedious curricular activity. Medical professionals will recommend this app based on its potential for helping with better mental performance.    

Get Left vs Right Brain Games for Android or iOS

3. Fit Brain Trainer (Android/iOS)    

This is a sustainable brain training app that presents daily exercises designed to build higher IQ in users and, over time, cognitive abilities. The app has a collection of more than 360 different games that target different brain functions. This allows the elderly to derive a comprehensive learning experience that allows them to memorize and increases their ability to learn.       

What set’s this app from the majority is the fact that the app is designed by neuroscientists, which means it benefits from scientific research. This makes it one of the most effective tools to improve mental aspects. There are games that help seniors to improve memory and focus as well as the improvement of emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, Fit Brains Trainer also allows users to compare their performance to that of others.

A large number of games and training sessions allow the elderly to sharpen their concentration, memory and other mental faculties. The performance data is used to assess and adjust the difficulty of the challenges for the user. Besides these benefits, this app is free. Overall, it focuses on improving one’s mood into positive ones.    

Get Fit Brain Trainer for Android or iOS

4. Memorado Brain Training Games (Android/iOS)    

Good news for the seniors seeking to have a better memory. Memorado builds on brain connectivity, which results in a more powerful working memory. The increased brain connectivity accelerates quicker learning and cognitive control. These are important elements in preventing memory loss and enhancing human intelligence.       

This app takes more of a dedicated approach as it specializes in focus and memory training. The series of games on this app is designed to improve memory over a long time period. A user starting out on this app for better memory will set goals for themselves based on the kind of results they want to achieve. The elderly can use this app by playing the games and stimulating their mind on a regular basis, which enables them to improve their ability to focus and their memory capacity.       

The app, like the ones mentioned above, has a tracking feature, where one tracks the effectiveness of the app as well as how they are performing over time. The app also indicates where one can improve on based on the goals that the user entered initially.     

Get Memorado Brain Training Games for Android or iOS

5. Lumosity Brain Trainer (Android/iOS)    

No doubt, this is one of the most popular apps in this category. Lumosity provides a number of games made to increase brain function and cognitive ability. The app features 30 games that turn the learning process into an entertaining and gamified experience, as it’s extremely captivating.

These games are developed based on scientific research into easy-to-learn brain enhancers. One gets to learn about how their mind works, so they can balance good sleep and focus on positive moods for positive experiences.       

Lumosity means convenience with its easy to use interface, thus the elderly can have a great user experience too. Fresh brain workouts daily help to keep the mental abilities in check. They are refreshed daily, which the seniors could find very handy as they need regular challenges. The brain, in turn, benefits from improving problem-solving, flexibility, attention paying, speed, and memory.       

What makes this app exceptional is its ability to The app also features tracking and monitoring capabilities, so a user can monitor their performance at any given time. Since players can check on their improvement statistics, they can set goals and develop positive habits that help their cognitive functions. The app adapts to a user’s unique strengths and weaknesses no matter their age or skill level.      

Lumosity has earned a spot as one of the most educative apps and is recommended for those in the risk of suffering memory loss, or simply targeting to have a better memory.    

Get Lumosity Brain Trainer for Android or iOS

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness (Android/iOS)    

This is another excellent brain fitness app that’s made with the help of professional neuroscientists. The app is fun and designed to specifically better memory and concentration in users.        

The app lets those who use it to evaluate how it enhances their memory and cognitive skills. CogniFit simulates and rehabilitates mental functions using brain challenges, memory puzzles, challenges, educational, intelligence and learning games. This app not only tracks performance results but also allows the user to compare their results with the rest of the users.         

This scientific application is one of the medically recommended brain training apps due to the research done in the development of its games. It encompasses verified psychometric tests and powerful psychological tests that identify risks of suffering cognitive impairments such as memory loss.

The app is convenient with a simple user interface that allows even the elderly to evaluate and improve their attention, memory, mental coordination and agility, and much more.    

Get CogniFit Brain Fitness for Android or iOS

7. Peak (Android/iOS) 

This app not only allows users to work on improving their mental abilities by brain exercises but also allows them to discover and extend the limits of what their brains can do. This is a useful app for seniors as it aids them to sharpen their problem-solving skills, better memory and develop their mental agility.       

It features over 40 games developed to offer in-depth insights that help in tracking the progress. Keeping the value of time in mind, this games app comes with short but intense brain workouts based on one’s life. The challenges are designed to fit a person’s needs for focus, problem solving, memory, and mental agility. That means that, for a person potentially experiencing memory loss, the app will tailor the games to better memory.       

It also comes with a personal trainer known as Coach. This unique addition results from the fact that everyone is different and so are their goals. A coach challenges the seniors as well as other users with new workouts, tracks their progress and comes up with strategies on how to improve, keeping one motivated and allowing them to further their limits.       

The developers here are passionate about research as well. Using the expertise of video game researchers, the users of Peak develop useful games fitting the description. With Peak Pro, an unlockable version, the elderly in tech can reach their maximum potential extra dozens of tailored exercises.     

Get Peak for Android or iOS

8. MindGames (Android/iOS)   

This app is also definitely worth checking out as it provides a lot of functionality that can help seniors to exercise their brain power. It is an all-around app that helps them to work on their face memory, basic arithmetic, mental flexibility, and attention to detail.       

It features a wide collection of games principled from cognitive tasks to allow one to practice various mental skills. The app has about 40 Mindware’s brain training games that also track one’s score history to graph the progress. Based on standardized testing requirements, the app then uses the scores to allow one to know where they need to work on. The score history allows one to realize the impact that the app has had on their lifestyle.    

Get MindGames for Android or iOS

9. Eidetic (Android/iOS)

It’s also worth to mention this clever app that uses a technique called spaced repetition that allows you to remember what you want, from people’s names to phone numbers. The name of the app means one who can recall image details and with vividness. So, the app works towards making people this kind of mental power. It can be helpful to improve memory in the elderly or with curbing memory loss.       

The app features three unique brain teasers that allow one 5 seconds to memorize. These include memory challenge, picture challenge, and survival challenge. Each of these has numerous levels, so it is a sustainable memory training app. It tests one at increasing intervals and helps to build on their learning skills. There is a world leaderboard where the highest scorers are recorded. The seniors can benefit from this app and even see their improved memory help them with carrying out their day-to-day activities.   

Get Eidetic for Android or iOS  

10. Brain Training (Android)

Brain Trainer app to quick exercise to your brain short term memory, concentration, focus , speed & accuracy.
it has 15 type of brain training games.

With Brain Training, users can increase their brain multitasking and foucs skills, quick search skills, math skills, and they can also empower their memory with challenging exercises. And since balancing Left and Right brains is very important, the app also tries to train users’ brain on lancing activities.

Get Brain training app for Android.

The Bottom Line   

In conclusion, there are so many benefits that come with exercising one’s mental abilities. Just like physical exercises builds one’s physical strength, mental exercises enhance one’s mental strengths. Almost all the apps mentioned in this app have common features that allow them to help people trying to better their brain functions.        

For the seniors, these are very helpful apps as they can derive so much fun and entertainment while at the same time they provide opportunities to learn. The elderly need help with living more independent lives, and that can only be realistic if they have dependable memory. Remembering to carry out simple and moderately difficult tasks such as going shopping or people’s names help seniors to have more wholesome lives. Therefore, these apps are crucial in the lifestyles of the elders. They afford them much-needed cognitive skills for more comfortable and healthy living.

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